Waking up early on a Sunday morning is not always an easy thing, especially if it is a rainy day, you just want to snuggle in bed. Not for us though. 😛
Rahul and Rishika, got in touch with us the previous day, and asked us if we could do a small couple session with them, early on Sunday morning. We headed down to Panjim, where we walked the through the little by lanes of the beautiful Portuguese quarters. While people were still getting out of bed, we began shooting this lovely couple.
Headed down to the beach later and then to the Panjim church.
The Weather didn’t play spoilsport for us. It was pleasant, no sign of rain and glimpses of overcast and peek-a-boo’s from the sun. 😛
Here’s the fun or rather interesting part of the whole shoot. We normally know where are couples are in their relationship, and we thought, Rahul and Rishika were down for a holiday and wanted to do a pre wedding shoot. But, no, they were already married. So we were like ‘oh, you guys down for your honeymoon then’. And they were like ‘No, we are married for 5 years and didn’t get to do a shoot after our wedding.
We just stood there and were like ‘…WOW!’ 🙂

We’ve never been bamboozled like that before. Hahaha…. yeah, I said bamboozled 😀

Anyways, here are a few pics of the day.

Rahul & Fabian

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