2 flights, a train journey and 1900kms from home ( Goa ), we finally reached the cold chilly little town of Rourkela, (the steel city of India) …Excited for what lied ahead in our new wedding location.

Doris and Ranjit ( also known as Ryan) are two people with the kindest hearts. From the moment we stepped into the Hotel to the time we left for our journey back to Mumbai, they made us feel like family, and we are grateful.  Our experience of this wedding was one of a kind, second to none. We were excited for every minute, every little thing that was to happen next. From waking up at 3:30am to the freezing cold of 6 degrees to shoot the dress up to the beautiful Ceremony, experiencing culture, tradition and simple things made our day.

On a day filled with joy, love, laughter, emotion & tradition every moment was better than the next. We truly enjoyed shooting at their wedding, and wish them happiness & love forever.

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