When two worlds collide… This is the story of Devika and Shubham.

Devika from Belagavi, living in Bangalore and Shubham from Indore and Settled in London.
Their journey started in February of 2017 over  a matrimonial site request, sent in by Shubham. Awkward and hesitant a litte, Devika accepted his request and they began to talk. They eventually decided on a formal meet up with their parents.
Post this uncomfortable meet was a month full of best things that could happen It was MAY 2017, their birthday month.
Devika was travelling to Italy for a Vacation and  Shubham to Portugal.
Distance kept them from being in touch, as much as they would have liked.
On Day 2 of her time in Italy, Devika, visited the  Trevi Fountain in Rome, Where she made a wish, hoping that Shubham would be there with her in Rome. She flipped the coin in and then kept wondering why did she make a wish like that.
That night was his bday and she called him to wish him and they got talking about happened in their day & she told him what happened at the Trevi Fountain he just smiled and said, “out of all of the things in the world you wished for that?”.
As her trip moved on they lost contact again and just when Devika was headed back to Rome to return to India, she got a call from Shubham. “I am coming to Rome tomorrow to meet you.”  Devika, was on cloud nine.
Shubham headed down to Rome and as soon as he saw Devika, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. The Rest is history.

Here is a glimpse of their beautiful engagement in Belagavi ( formerly Belgaum ).

Love has no place or time it can surprise you anywhere and anytime.

-Rahul & Fabian

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