Basil and Deidre… two little love birds, separated over two different states. Goa and Mumbai, but still managed to keep the fire burning over the distance. Some say distance takes you further apart, but here in this case technology kept them close.

The day was personal. From friends and family designing the deco and the little tiny things to the wedding, to the gown designed and stitched by the brides best friend. To rickshaw rides through the narrow roads with the groom and his brothers bringing out the true essence of travel in Mumbai. The moment the rings were on and they were declared as one, the joy on their faces was incomparable, so much so the groom kissed his bride and put the her veil back down. šŸ˜›

Was a joy shooting one of my best friends wedding here in Mumbai. More than shooting them, it felt a whole lot personal and emotional in a way. But that is what we do, we dive into the moment, flow with the emotionĀ and be one with you to make your day a whole lot more meaningful and memorable for years to come

Here’s to life, laughter and happily ever after!

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