A bright sunny day, clear blue skies and the air was filled with a cool breeze. A beautiful day to shoot Brian and Valerie, who had come down from abroad to have a small pre wedding shoot done. As the day progressed and as I began to get my gear out to pack my bag, there was a sudden change in weather. The wind got stronger and the sky began to fill with darkness. And within the next 15 minutes, that wind turned a little violent, big drops of rain came crashing down, and ended up being a heavy down pour for a good 20 minutes.

I was worried, how was I going to shoot the couple in such heavy rain. It would be impossible in this weather to shoot them outdoors (unless we all carried umbrellas and raincoats 😛 ). So, I quickly got on call with Brian, and we decided to see how it pans out as the time of the shoot neared. To my surprise the rain stopped 5 minutes after i hung up the call, and the sun started playing peek-a-boo. So i got my gear and headed down to the Reis Magos fort (oh such a beautiful place) and began documenting this lovely couple.

They were complete naturals when it came to me shooting them. They were so comfortable with the camera, and weren’t shy to be intimate with each other. As we went along the shoot, I happened to ask them how did they meet? “A common family friend introduced us to each other”, was their answer. But that was it. Being in two separate countries and with no phone numbers exchanged, Brian connected with Valerie via social media. Now, you might be thinking, ah, Facebook is the link that connected them. Well, no! It was Instagram (waaaaaahhhh!!!!). This is the first time I have heard a couple connect on Instagram and go on to build a long distance relationship and be on a journey to marriage. Well done Instagram! & Brian and Valerie. The “Follow” taken quite literally.  😛

A lovely couple, a great shoot and to top it off, the couple got to experience their first sunset (a magical one) since coming down to Goa. What a day! Couldn’t have ended better.

Anyway, I do hope you like the little session.



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