I remember being served  a cup of coffee in the morning! I can’t remember shooting a wedding this festive. I’ve shot a lot of beautiful weddings, but Remiwal & Ayesha’s wedding reminded me of why I shoot weddings at the first place.

Remiwal and Ayesha had their wedding in their home town Goa. Ayesha comes from a beautiful island located off the coast of Panjim called Divar where one has to cross by ferry.

The guests were very expressive. The only thing bigger than their laughter was the bride and the groom’s smiles. Everyone enjoyed the wedding.

Their wedding is how weddings are supposed to be. Weddings are not about the party, the dresses, and the makeup. Weddings are about having fun and collecting memorable moments with the people we love. Weddings are supposed to be one of the best days of our lives.

A little wish for everyone who’s about to get married soon: have fun on your wedding.


Fabian & Rahul

Make up artist – Minette Pereira

Decor by – Kv Deco

Reception venue – Blueberrys

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