Weddings by the beach are always a fun event, even if it is hot, it never gets you down and out.  You just keep pushing through with the sound  of the waves, the warm sea breeze and smell of the ocean.

Sibi and Anrica decided to exchange their vows on the shoreline of the beautiful Odxel beach. The day was filled with so much excitement, emotion and chaos which make up the three essentials to a good wedding. 😛 . The groom had forgotten to write his vows down on his scroll, and when he began to put thought into it, he ran out of space on the scroll. Struggled to fix his bow, but finally had it done and looked pretty sharp and ready to say those two magical words ‘ I do’. The bride on the other hand seemed a little more calm. Always smiling and letting everyone around her stress out.  Being the last daughter of the family getting married, she had seen it all and done it all for her sisters, so she knew the routine.

A beautiful ceremony at sunset and a short little shoot on the beach, and then the party. A lovely wedding, that we enjoying shooting.

Here is a little something from that day. Hope you guys enjoy it.


-Rahul & Fabian

Hair & MakeUp: Tejal Mahambre + Evanka D’Silva | Décor: KV Décor | Venue: Bay 15, Odxel | Music: Dj Rinton

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